Why Video Marketing is
More Important Than Ever

Every month, 1 billion unique users visit YouTube. For a little more comparison: The world’s current population is around 7.092 billion. Basically, that means that 1/7 of the world’s entire population is frequenting YouTube at least once a month.

That’s a whole lot of looking. And now more than ever, businesses are (and should be) paying attention.

Right now, the top brands on YouTube are averaging:

  • 884,000 monthly views
  • 98,000 views per video
  • 35,000 subscribers

The number of those watching videos has also increased:

  • May 2012: 3 billion hours were spent watching YouTube videos
  • August 2012: 4 billion hours were spent watching YouTube videos
  • May 2013: 6 billion hours were spent watching YouTube videos

What does this mean for your business?
Right now, videos are the way to go. They add an interactive and compelling component to your brand personality. Not only do your customers and clients get to hear about your company – they get to see it.

Video allows your viewers to learn more about you, because as psychologists and sociologists have been saying for years, body language can communicate far more information than even the best writer is capable of displaying. Plus, they are big for upping your website’s SEO and increasing social media traffic, which is GREAT news for those joining the video movement. However, those who don’t join risk staying one dimensional in a three dimensional world.

Join the video movement.

Our talented team can help by writing, filming, editing and posting your video for the world to see at a price your business can afford. We can even add in creative touches with motion graphics!

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