Three Warning Signs That It Is Time to Re-Brand!

Branding is not about making a logo pretty. It is about getting the recognition you want to be successful. It extends to more than the visual. Although visual identity is important too.

But think about these tests:

1. Your staff does not know or relate to your business’ mission and vision.
Brands often fail at the staff level. In fact, you can’t have a strong brand without a strong staff. As Nicholas Ind says in the book Living the Brand, “It is the collective power of individuals in an organization that provides and sustains a competitive advantage.”

2. You have no clearly defined targets.
Your business cannot be all things to all people (that’s a nice theory but a terrible reality). You must refine your focus. Every business needs a brand franchise plan (a formal document that details the mission, values, messages, etc. of the organization). One of the major items in your brand plan should be your brand targets. These targets provide specific demographics or groups you are trying to reach. The more focused your brand targets are, the more successful your brand will be.

3. You fail the 3C test.
In marketing circles, there are three Cs to a strong brand: clarity, consistency, and constancy. You must be clear about what you are and what you are not. Then you must be consistent with that brand over ALL delivery channels. Once the message is clear and consistent, then you constantly communicate those messages.
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