‘Shopping Carts’ are Losing Their Wheels to Apps – and Small Businesses are Taking Advantage

Welcome to the world of e-Commerce, where the facility doesn’t matter, but the functionality certainly does. It sounds difficult and hard to get into (big changes generally do) but trust us it’s not – and it’s a serious advantage for today’s small businesses.

e-Commerce is truly just commerce, but on the online through websites, social media, mobile websites, mobile apps and more. And given today’s capabilities, there are a variety of ways businesses can use e-Commerce to their advantage.

Here are some of the latest trends in e-Commerce:

e-Commerce Trends in Business:

  • A new “Social e-Commerce” platform continues to emerge based on social networks and supported by advertising.
  • A new app-based online economy grows alongside traditional Internet e-Commerce.
  • The online demographics of shoppers continue to broaden with the fasted growth among tweens, teens and older adults.

e-Commerce Trends in Technology:

  • Computing and networking component pricing continue to fall dramatically.
  • A mobile computing and communications platform based on iPhones, Blackberrys and other smartphones, netbook computers and the iPad became a reality and begins to rival the PC platform.
  • The global population using the Internet continues to expand by about 8.5%, with around 32% now online.

e-Commerce Trends in Society:

  • The amount of data the average American consumes each day (currently around 34 gigabytes) continues to increase.
  • Participation by adults in social networks on the Internet increases; Facebook becomes ever more popular in all demographic categories.
  • Explosive growth continues in online and mobile viewing of video and television programs.


How you can take advantage of the trends.
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