Email Marketing (or what we call eStalking)

Your e-mail database is one of the most valuable assets you own.  Like any asset of value, you must safeguard it, maintain its upkeep and use it to help you grow your business.  We believe in creating engaging targeted email campaigns to maximize your marketing budget. This effective communication tool costs less that most direct mail programs and can even yield greater results when properly constructed and deployed.

Our  targeted email marketing campaigns include strategy, segmentation, personalization, focused messages, mobile programming, and CAN-SPAM Compliance.  Today, you simply can not load contacts into outlook or another e-mail program and blast out a thousand emails. If some cases, your email server will not left you blast it out.  But you also need to consider the time of day, day of the week, A/B tests, messaging, offer testing and more.  We do all of that  are all before we push the ‘Send’ button.

We can help you develop your email marketing strategy, craft great offers and promotions, setup landing pages and deploy your campaigns. Our sophisticated technology allows us to deliver relevant, timely and personalized content based the information known about each email recipient. In addition, a learning relationship can be established where you both give and receive relevant information that will help you send even more targeted and customized communications in the future.

Email Marketing can do more for you than e-blasting your products out to the world:

  • Track ability – We track open rates, click throughs, forwards, and more.
  • Cost Effectiveness – compared to traditional media like print pieces and billboards, emails are pennies on the dollar.
  • Brand Recognition & Loyalty – Email allows you to build strong relationships and strengthen loyalty, acquire new clients, and provide important sales support, cross sell and up sell activities.
  • Education – Educate your clients on your product and services, their benefits, and what’s new at your company.

Companies are spending big dollars in this channel, because they know and understand the value email brings a method of communication. Over 60% of consumers say they prefer email as their method of communicating with companies. Are you ready to start driving leads of those that want to hear from you.

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