A typical Brand Safari journey lasts four to five hour session is a process of discovering and distilling information. We start with facts – lots of them. We will spend one and a half to two hours listing facts about the company, products and people. After that, we eliminate those that are not possibly unique, and ultimately find those that are absolutely specific to you.

Preparation for the session is minimal – it’s a very casual day. And for good reason. We want interaction. We want great stories of the past – both the glory and the horror stories. We want everyone to be comfortable giving personal accounts and opinions. Remember, we’re looking for the essence of the company, and much of it is hidden in the personalities gathered in the room.

Once three to five unique selling points are established and agreed upon, the creative process begins. This information is used by Graves Communications to create your Brand Communications Franchise from which all external communications flow and internal operations are reinforced and developed.

This session is the ideal opportunity for top management, marketing and operations personnel to discover—together—the company’s brand essence and play a roll in the establishment of their brand’s communications. In the end, when someone says “tell me about your (product/service/company/candidate),” everyone will have a clear, definitive and scripted answer.