Mobile QR Code Usage

QR Codes are two-dimensional images that can store hundreds of times more information than a standard bar code. That means they are increasingly used to provide smartphone users more information about advertisements, products, locations, and more.

But just how many people are pointing their smart phones at these “Quick-Response” codes?

  • 14 million mobile users in the United States (6.2% of the total mobile audience) scanned a QR or bar code on their mobile device June 2011. (source)
  • 60.5% of code scanners were male and 53.4% were 18-34 years old. (source)
  • 49.4% scanned QR codes in a printed magazine or newspaper 35.3% scanned product packaging, 27.4% scanned a code from a website on a PC and 23.5% scanned codes from a poster/flyer/kiosk. (source)
  • 58% scanned codes at home, 39.4% in a retail store, 24.5% in a grocery store, 20% at work 12.6% on public transit. (source)
  • QR barcode scanning grew 1200% from July to December 2010. (source)
  • 62% of QR code scanners have scanned more than 1 barcode (in the last 6 months of 2010). (source)
  • Over 50% of scanners have scanned between 2-5 barcodes, making up the bulk of the users. (source)
  • Only 2% of users have scanned more than 5 unique QR codes / month (i.e. 30+ scans) on average. (source)
  • The top reasons to scan barcodes are: price comparisons (81%), product reviews (63%), and to receive special offers (63%). (source)

I believe QR codes are a great way for people to load your contact information into their phone, scan and save product information when out and about and a great way for people to respond to current promotions. ¬†We’ve started putting QR codes on the backs of business cards for quickly storing the contact information.

Use our QR Code Generator to create your own QR Code: