Our Top 2013 Apps for Collaborative
& Creative Work Environments

It’s amazing how in just a few years the development of the tablet, the Smartphone and apps have completely altered the way we work both as companies and in our personal lives.

With that in mind, we’ve noticed a few apps that really shine above the rest as far as team collaboration and creativity.

Here is a list of our favorites so far in 2013:

  • Skitch. Brought to you by Evernote, Skitch allows you to caption photos or PDFs with edits and annotations for easy editing and communication. Learn more here.
  • Google Hangouts. Incredibly useful if you have employees working remotely (and useful even if you don’t) this app allows you to participate virtually in meetings and brainstorming sessions with up to 10 people. You even have the ability to use screen sharing and share photos and documents while you are meeting. Learn more here.
  • DropBox. Dropbox is a secure way to share documents, photos, videos and larger files. You can even edit documents across the web. Learn more here.
  • Evernote. A great tool for storing your genius middle-of-the-night ideas, Evernote works by jotting down your thoughts through a combination of audio and visual notes and advanced sorting features. Learn more here.
  • Paper by Fifty Three. If you are visual, Paper is your app. It allows you to write, doodle and draw your way to the next big idea on your tablet. It even won Apple’s Design Award this past year. Learn more here.
  • Google Docs. If your company participates in projects where document sharing and collaborative editing are the norm, Google Docs is a great tool. It allows you to create, share and collaborate on everything from documents to spreadsheets, presentations and more. Learn more here.
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