Jump Start Your Marketing Plan for 2013

By Meg Kramig, Copywriter and Advertising Associate

With less than 60 days left in the year, it is time to start thinking about your marketing approach for 2013. Straight from the cheetah, here are our top marketing tactics for the upcoming year.

1. Re-aligning your brand with your target market.

More and more consumers are changing their habits with the times so you need to re-evaluate your brand awareness campaign to keep this in mind. Otherwise you might get left behind.

2. Taking advantage of leads

…and implement programs to capture more. Every email and website visit should include tactics for capturing leads. By capturing and connecting with leads you could significantly speed up your success in 2013.

3. Focus on the analytics.

Google Analytics, social media analytics, e-mail analytics…they aren’t just numbers. They are valuable information and can help give you insight into consumer habits. In 2013, we can help you monitor them and use them to your advantage. (If you don’t already use analytics, just know that everyone else is.)

4. Incorporate other media such as video.

Now, the power of communication is in your hands, and technology such as video has never been cheaper. Video is a great opportunity to build your brand’s personality, tell your story and create an overall better interaction with your target market.

5. Go mobile.

A computer that goes in your pocket and nearly everyone has one. It’s time you jump on board. Creating ways to connect through mobile devices is going to be an important development for successful business in 2013.

Why a comprehensive marketing plan is integral to your success.

Advertising is about building an experience and your product or service’s personality. It is about creating relationships and a positive image. If your brand doesn’t take the time to enhance your relationship with your target market, you risk being left behind or forgotten. However, with a well-developed comprehensive marketing plan, you can thrive.

Start your 2013 marketing plan with Graves Advertising Plus.

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“Long-term brand equity and growth depends on our ability to successfully integrate and implement all elements of a comprehensive marketing program.” – Timm F Crull, Chairman & CEO of Nestle