Email Marketing: A Better Way to Engage Your Clients

Email marketing is a great way to increase business, get new leads and improve your brand image. It is inexpensive and offers among the highest return on investment of almost any other marketing collateral out there, not to mention the fastest. So if your business hasn’t started email marketing-communications yet, it might be time to start.

What email marketing communications can do for your business:

  • Builds brand awareness
  • Increases sales
  • Creates new leads
  • Reminds your clients and customers who you are
  • Strengthens your relationships
  • Builds trust and expertise between your business and subscribers
  • Educates customers

Why email marketing communications is better:

  • It’s fast, cheap and involves two-way communication
  • It’s versatile and customizable
  • You can track results
  • It’s more personal
  • According to the Direct Market Association, the average ROI for every $1 spent in 2011 was $40.56
  • A 2012 survey of consumer habits by Exact Target found that 77% prefer to receive permission-based promotions via email
  • The 2012 Marketing Channel and Engagement Survey found 63% of respondents found email the channel that offered the best ROI

A few things to remember:

Send content your clients and customers are interested in reading.

This really depends on you knowing customers and clients. What age group are they in? What are their needs? What are they looking for? Once you figure that out, you can figure out how to get them emails they’ll not only like, but actually look forward to reading and forwarding to others.

How much is too much?

You must find the right balance for your audience. Daily is probably too much, but weekly, semi-monthly or monthly might be a better fit. You can tell by reviewing statistics a few days after a mailing. That’s right, email is a trackable marketing tactic. You can tell who opened your emails, who opted-out and even who clicked through or forwarded your email. If your open rate starts to decline, you might be sending to many emails.

Need help with your email marketing?

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