Becoming the Best Copywriter in Town

By Meg Kramig, Copywriter and Advertising Associate

Words to Stay Away From

e.g.: Free. Guaranteed. Limited-time. Easy. Quality. Value. Service. Integrity. Caring.
We know you are about to say. Probably something like: “Wait just a minute just a New York minute! Don’t they usually say those words are number one in sales?!”

Wrong. They USED to say that. Now people are so overwhelmed in the dense advertising jungle, many ‘go-to’ words of the days of old now fall on deaf ears.

People are more skeptical than they used to be. This is especially true with younger generations. You can certainly still use these words: Just tread lightly young tadpole. Overuse of these words could annoy more than motivate. Only use them when paired with a true benefit and never be vague:

“We provide the best value in Orange County” doesn’t work as well as “Ann’s Plumbing: Voted best plumbing service in Orange County by the Orange County Newspaper.”

Got Milk?

Well, I’m not really sure…do I? Hm. I thought I saw some in the fridge before I left…oh yeah, we were talking about copy huh?

Hence why this advertisement works. What do you think of when you think of the ‘Got Milk’ campaign? Michael Jordan with a milk mustache? That icy cold glass you THINK is in your fridge waiting for you? The ‘Got Milk’ campaign worked because: It created a strong visual. It was specific. It was short, but strong. It created a motivation (to get milk, to look like Michael Jordan, etc.). That is how good headlines work and that is what is going to work for you.

The more short, concise and specific your headline, the stronger the visual you create, the more successful the copy. We do ask one favor: Don’t use your own variation of a campaign already in use. ‘Got Vacuums’ is just going to make you look like you’ve ‘Got to Get a More Creative Writer.’

You Are STILL Reading This?

WHY?! Oh yeah. It’s because we were conversational and we made the copy relatable.

When a lot of copywriters start out, they write like they are talking to a wall. But you aren’t, are you? No matter what you are writing, you are writing to people. Remember that.

Writing is all about creating a conversation and finding that connection with people. Once again though, the shorter the better. You know that guy at the bus stop that talks for HOURS? Yeah. Don’t be that guy. You might feel bad for him, but we can tell you one thing: You aren’t listening to him.

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