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Social Media Marketing

Today’s most powerful marketing tools are Social Media sites (like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and can be an invaluable resource for building clientele and company recognition. However, we know that they can be intimidating. How could your company use social media to their advantage?

Don’t worry! Not only can we help you by showing you the best places to be in the world of Social Media, we can help get the conversation going in the right direction with your clients. Our well-versed Social Media team will show you the top marketing strategies for using Social Media and help you implement them with ease. Time to step into the realm of Social Media with confidence.

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Social Media Tips Graves Advertising Plus: Start a Conversation
1.) Stay Human. Social media is all about the conversation. Your customers will get on your social media so that they can learn more about your services, ask you questions, learn about events and form a relationship with you. How can they do this if you are responding like…a robot?

Trust us, people like talking to “robots” about as much as they like those machines you get when you call your cell phone provider: Not at all. Be human, be conversational and take the time to form a unique relationship with your customers.

 2.) Answer Questions. A customer asks a question on your “Wall” on Facebook? Answer them. A client sends you a “Tweet” to ask you about an upcoming event? Tweet back. This is how your company can really excel at social media where other businesses are falling behind. Your customers want to talk to you, the company.

 3.) Start a Conversation. Starting a conversation on social media can be intimidating, but it is a great way to form a new connection with clients. Remember, if you aren’t on Facebook answering questions, they are still talking about you. That means someone else is answering questions…and not necessarily with the correct answers.

 4.) Social Media is for Customer Loyalty. Listen closely, because many companies are approaching social media with the wrong strategy. Customer loyalty is social media’s greatest strength, not necessarily gaining new customers. However, by keeping up a good conversation with customers, you will not only inspire them to keep their business with you, you may also inspire them to invite others to work with you in the future.   

 5.) Respond Appropriately to Criticism. Social media gives your customers, and the entire virtual landscape the opportunity to express how their views, whether it be about your company or their own ability to garden. Look at criticism as an opportunity, without getting defensive or reacting emotionally and take this as an opportunity to improve your business, no matter the critique.