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You can imagine our process like a safari.


1. Visualize the Hunt.

Before we begin any project, we decide which account executive or project leaders best fits your needs. Your Account Executive will be your go-to person throughout the process, pushing everything along, keeping things on track and ensuring the quality of the final product. After we introduce you to your AE, we’ll set up a kick-off meeting with you to ensure we understand what your needs are, and to brainstorm ideas of what will work best to meet them. Then we’ll write a creative brief based on your insights and directions, which is given directly to the person who will do the work required. Internally, we then hold a kick-off meeting, where our team discusses ideas, thinks through all the steps, and takes into consideration any challenges that might arise throughout the project. We talk through those challenges, come back to you with any new questions that come up and begin the project once we’re sure we’re all on the same page about what’s expected of us.

2. Create a Map

Our creative team of art directors, graphic designers, copywriters, website people and video experts develop design concepts that align with the direction we heard from you at the kick-off meeting. After they’ve completed the initial design concepts, they hold several meetings together internally to review the concepts together, bounce ideas off of one another and talk through possible revisions that could make them even better. Once they get to a place where they feel good about it, they send the concepts to the AE, who looks at the concepts from the client’s perspective.

The AE reviews the concepts with a fine-toothed comb, making sure it matches up with what the client had requested, and to also make sure that nothing was overlooked. If anything is missing, they will send it back to the design team with revisions to get the concepts in tip-top shape.

3. Deliver the conquests!

After our team has given the design concepts its stamp of approval, we present them to you, revisit what we originally heard from you and explain how we approached addressing those needs in our concepts.

Then we take a step back and invite you to share your thoughts and feedback. We actively listen to what you have to say, and take thorough notes throughout the meeting. After the meeting, we provide you with a summary of what was discussed, and ask you to send or call us with a comprehensive list of all your revisions. We then use this to revise the concepts and deliver a revised version back to you.

4. Measure the heights of your satisfaction!

After the project meets your approval, we introduce it to the world.

If we designed artwork and coordinated the media buy for your print ad campaign, we’ll check in with you after it’s published, send you copies of the magazine or newspaper issue and inform you of the number of people it was distributed to. If it’s a website, upon launch, we’ll track how many users visited your site on any given date and what pages were viewed the most frequently. If it’s an email blast, we can tell you how many recipients clicked through to open your message. We deliver these types of statistics to you because we know that great marketing ideas are important, but it’s the result from those ideas that defines their success. And we’re committed to showing you that we can do more than just create pretty shiny things. We create solid results you can touch, see and measure.

To learn more about our process and how it can help you, give us a ring at (714) 879-1993 or contact us online.